Lookin’ Good at 40

Contributed by Jason Hakes, a 2017 Ambassador for The Biofreeze San Francisco Marathon. 

July 11, 1982 – San Francisco, California, United States: Runners on California Street during the San Francisco Marathon. (Steve Ringman / San Francisco Chronicle / Polaris) ///

So, you’re hitting a major milestone this year, The Biofreeze San Francisco Marathon. To this, I must say: you look great at 40! Over the years, you’ve made changes, stood the test of time, met some interesting people along the way and have held up exceptionally well.

I remember when I turned 40 last year – I reflected on the decades prior and what I have accomplished. Allow me to share some words of wisdom to you as you add another notch to your decade belt:

  1. My, have you grown – From 1,000 runners to 27,000, you’ve clearly increased in size (and popularity) since you were born. It’s obvious people like you so much that they’ve told their friends how great you are.
  2. People want to celebrate – Turning 40 is a big deal. On this special milestone, people will be coming from all over the globe to join you and help you celebrate this special occasion.
  3. You’ll see familiar faces… and new ones too – Who doesn’t love a good party, right? This year, with the 40-for-40 Challenge on hand, many people who have run this race in the past will be coming back to take on a new challenge, and remember why they love you. Don’t worry if you don’t recognize everyone – people love a good party and you’re the guest of honor!
  4. It might be chilly, but it’s heating up – We know: Summer in San Francisco can be chillier than one would expect, but nothing’s stopping this party from getting hot! Expect a bunch of people wearing short shorts and running (maybe dancing?) their way to the party at the finish line.
  5. You will be giving out the gifts – No matter how old you turn, you’re always so generous. Whether it’s a finisher’s medal, a sweet running shirt, or even just the gift of good health in running, you’re giving out some of the best gifts a runner could hope for during this great event.
  6. You look really, really good – While this is quite a milestone event, it’ll be hard for runners to forget why they like you so much: you look great! From the stunning views of the Golden Gate Bridge, the lush greenery of Golden Gate Park, to the eclectic sites of the San Francisco city streets, you always provide something outstanding for everyone to look at.

So, while so many runners come to line the streets in celebration on this fantastic milestone, take a moment to be proud that you’ve provided so many great memories new and old. On this big milestone, it’s a celebration of your longevity in bringing an event beloved by so many runners over many great years.

Happy 40th! Here’s to many, many, many more great years! #CheersTo40

Now, where did I put those short shorts..?

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    Tamara Speece
    July 24, 2017 (2:49 am)

    The marathon did not disappoint. I look forward to it every year and your article sums up nicely some of the reasons why. Good job, Mr. Hakes!