What is Nuun Performance?

Science is constantly evolving, and with that comes learning. Studies of how the human body functions during endurance exercise has found that hydration plays a key role in helping mitigate the stresses of endurance exercise. That’s why we’ve partnered with Nuun Hydration to have Nuun Performance on course! It’s the first sport drink mix verified by the non-gmo project and informed choice, made with only clean, pure ingredients.

Nuun RunningNuun Performance is a carbohydrate + electrolyte drink mix designed to be used during high intensity and/or prolonged endurance exercise. It contains a precise mix of non-GMO, vegan carbohydrates and highly bioavailable electrolytes to help deliver fluid as well as minimize gastric distress during endurance exercise. Each 16-fl. oz. serving contains 15 grams of carbohydrates, and delivers over 600 mg of electrolytes from sodium, potassium (+chloride), magnesium, and calcium. Each serving is flavored using real fruit juice powder, using an innovative technology to dry the juice while retaining the highest nutritional content.

As research has evolved, we’ve quickly learned that fluid delivery plays a key role in helping muscles perform at the highest level during exercise. With that, the needs for hydration are different when exercising below an hour and half, compared to prolonged endurance activities. That difference comes within the carbohydrate and electrolyte count. Additionally, your gut is under quite a bit of exercise-induced stress, and sports drinks higher in carbohydrates irritate the stomach, ultimately degrading exercise performance.

We are excited to offer the cleanest hydration product for athletes who compete in endurance sports. Your body functions differently during endurance exercise, and with that your needs for hydration and nutrition change. More carbohydrates and electrolytes are required via hydration to aid in fluid absorption, and additional calories need to be consumed to provide fuel and energy.

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