Earn ALL The Medals When You Take On A Challenge

January 17, 2020 | If you’re anything like Mike Dasalla, San Francisco Marathon Race Ambassador, then you love getting ALL the medals, and with so many different race challenges, there is a lot of opportunity for medals in San Francisco.

Whether you take on one of the year-over-year challenges or a partner challenge, you don’t want to miss your chance to earn an exclusive challenge medal or other swag, in addition to your race finisher medal.

Mike has run the San Francisco Marathon for 10 straight years and four of those years he ran one of the half marathons.

He says, “I keep coming back. It’s always a different experience. The overall vibe of the City, the views, the weather, they never get old.”

But, he also loves getting the medals.

Double Up Challenge

Run two races in the weekend and earn the special Double Up Challenge medal. In 2019, the Saturday 5k Pier to Pier course was new and it will be back again in 2020. Run the Saturday 5k and any distance on Sunday to qualify for the Double Up Challenge medal.

You’ll get 3 medals for running 2 races during the weekend — triple the bling! Earn a medal for the 5k, your race on Sunday, and the Double Up Challenge medal.

Half It All Challenge

Did you run one of the two half marathons in 2019? Run the other half in 2020 and you’ll earn the Half It All Challenge medal at the finish line of your second race.

You’ll get to experience the beauty and the challenge of the full marathon, over the course of your two years of racing. The two halves must be run in consecutive years.

52 Club Challenge

If you earned your Half It All Challenge medal in 2019, then you’re ready for the 52 Club Challenge in 2020! Run each of the half marathons in consecutive, and then run the full marathon the third consecutive year in order to qualify for the 52 Club and the coveted 52 Club hoodie.

You’ll have all the bragging rights when you wear that hoodie around town, plus we know you’ll want to come back to San Francisco year after year for the love, the energy, the community, the views, and the challenge of the courses.

Loyal Runners Challenge

“San Francisco is the only marathon that I do every year,” says Loyal Runner and Race Ambassador Charles Lim.

Once you run San Francisco once, we know you’ll want to keep coming back, and you’ll be rewarded with gifts for your loyalty too!

The Loyal Runner program awards an exclusive gift to runners who have run the halves, full, or ultramarathon two or more years consecutively, with special gifts at five and ten-year anniversaries. Plus, if you’ve run twice, consecutively or not, in the last 10 years, you’ll also get a Loyal Runner medal.

SF/Berkeley Challenge

Enjoy the beauty of two amazing cities on the Bay by running both the Berkeley Half Marathon and the San Francisco Marathon consecutively and you’ll earn the SF/Berkeley Challenge medal at the end of your second race.

If you ran the Berkeley Half Marathon in 2019, run the San Francisco Marathon in 2020 and you’ll earn this special double-sided medal.

“I think of Berkeley as a mini-San Francisco. I just love the Bay Area,” said Mike Dasalla. Which is why Mike decided to run both races this year (plus he wanted the extra bling!).

California Time Travel Challenge

If you’re looking for a way to push yourself to your new personal best with each race you do, sign up for the OC Marathon in May and the San Francisco Marathon in July. Run them both and if you beat your time in the San Francisco Marathon, you’ll earn the exclusive California Time Travel Challenge medal.

If you want ALL the medals, then there’s a challenge (or two, or three…) for you when you run the San Francisco Marathon. Learn more and register today.

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  • comment-avatar
    rob martinez
    February 11, 2020 (1:56 pm)

    hi, was i supposed to get a challenge medal last year? maybe the loyal one? would be awesome to figure out a way to get it if i did : )