California Time Travel Challenge

Run the OC (half or full) in May, then travel up to the City by the Bay for the San Francisco Marathon on July 26th to run the full or either halves.  All runners that beat their time will receive the TIME TRAVEL Challenge Medal in San Francisco.

San Francisco Marathon Course


OC Marathon Course


Challenge Rules

The California Time Travel Challenge (CTTC) began at the OC Marathon in 2019 with the first Time Travel medals given to runners that ran OC and traveled to San Francisco and beat their time. The CTTC continues in 2020 in two ways. San Francisco finishers can travel to the OC to try to better their time and get their medal or runners can start their challenge at the OC in May and then travel up to the City by the Bay and beat their OC finishing time in July at the SF Marathon or Half Marathon. All runners that beat their time at their second race in the series will receive the TIME TRAVEL medal. If you beat your 2019 OC time in San Francisco, you can again try to go even faster at the OC in 2020 to claim your award again. You can begin your Time Travel Challenge at either event! Allowances may be made to your time for course difficulties, etc.”

A new California Time Travel Challenge medal will be introduced at the OC Marathon in 2021.

  • If you begin your challenge with a half marathon, you automatically qualify for the medal if you move up to the full marathon at the next event.
  • To be eligible, runners must register for both events with the same first name, last name and birth date.
  • Events must be completed consecutively but not necessarily in the same year. If you skip an event, the challenge must be started over.
  • Upon completion of the second event, runners can pull up their finishing time on their smart phone Runner Tracker to see if their “Time Travel” was successful and if so, can pick up their award at the CTTC tent.
  • After completing the challenge and getting the award, the challenge can continue by travelling back to the next event and attempting to beat your time again. The Time Travel medal award will change each year so you can continue to collect the California Time Travel Challenge medal.
  • *2020 designs coming soon.

Race Day Instructions

  • Pick up your bib at our Race Expo and check for the Challenge stamp. This is the ticket to pick up your medal at the finish line. If your bib is not stamped, please visit the Solutions Table at the Race Expo.
  • Medals will be available for pick-up at the Challenges Tents at the Finish Line of the 2nd qualifying event.
  • Medals must be picked up at the Finish Line and will not be mailed for any reason.

Accept the Challenge

The San Francisco Marathon, 1st Half and 2nd Half • July 26th, 2020


OC Marathon and Half Marathon • May 3, 2020