RUN365 Marathon Training

Let’s prepare for the big race together!

RUN365 Training is the official training program of the San Francisco Marathon!  We have been training thousands of runners for our race for over 10 years.  If you can’t make it with us locally to train, we have a virtual training experience for you.  It has a unique in-person feel that lets you participate globally with us each week using our Virtual365 GPS tracking app.

We kick off June 12th! Join us for a free test run!

Here’s what’s included:

  • Weekend long runs in 4 locations – SF, East Bay, South Bay, and North Bay
  • Weekly Q&A Group Calls with your coaches and Jorge Maravilla, two-time winner of the SF Marathon.
  • Weekly training plan for specific distances, full marathon or half marathon
  • Yoga for Runners video sessions
  • Weekly newsletter with training tips and nutrition hints
  • Casual meet-ups organized via the RUN365 Facebook Group Communities
  • Benchmark Pins to proudly display your progress!
  • VIP at the finish line of the race
  • Virtual GPS App each weekend with leaderboards!
  • and the community you need to help you get to the start line!

Cost – 59.00

Check your email for more details as we get closer!




Here’s how the virtual portion works:

  • Download the Virtual365 App from the Apple app store or Google Play store. Each week you will be invited to run the same course, virtually that the in-person trainees are running.  After your training run, view your finish times & rankings on the Virtual365 App leaderboard
  • Here’s what the leaderboard will look like. See who is running in your time zone, state, and city with our Geo-based segmentation

Record your weekly mileage on our RUN365 mileage tracker leaderboard


With RUN365, you’re not just training; you’re part of a community of runners with the same goals in mind!  Let’s do this!!!  

RUN365 Virtual Marathon Training FAQ

  • How Does the Joining Process Work?
    • Once you register, you will receive a confirmation email with instructions on what comes next.
    • You will receive an invitation to join the RUN365 Training Facebook group.
    • You will receive a link to the training schedule based on location and goals.
    • The email will include information about the safety measures we have put into place to ensure the safety of all participants in our training and races.

    NOTE: For local runners, this includes an explanation of our process for joining weekend in-person runs. You will need to answer the health screening questions before attending each in-person run.

  • How to join the VIRTUAL365 App?
    • Download the Virtual365 app on your phone. 
    • As part of the virtual training program you will receive a claim and connect email approximately 2 days from the weekend virtual training run.
    • Run from anywhere using the app on your smartphone.
    • We will create a virtual course that you can follow along as you run your actual course.
    • The app has a practice run!  Before you head out practice using the app to make sure you’re comfortable with it.
    • Live maps, split times, leaderboard and push notifications.  Even an opportunity to share a selfie!
  • How do Weekly Runs Work?
    • While still practicing safe social distancing guidelines, if you wish to attend one of our Bay Area in-person run, you will need to reply to the posted Facebook event
      • Before the run, you will need to answer the health screening questions
      • Your temperature will be taken upon arrival
      • You will be required to wear a mask during the warm up and during the post run stretching session
      • During the run, you will be required to observe social distancing
    • If you are not running in-person, you can still participate virtually
      • You can join the welcome and warm up via Zoom – links will be provided each week
      • After your run, you can watch our post-run stretching video and follow along on your own, links will be provided each week via email.
  • What Does the Rest of the Week Look Like?
    • We encourage all in person training participants to attend our weekly events, we will include information about these workouts for each bay area location in the training schedule. You will be able to RSVP on Facebook for the workouts you wish to attend.
    • We also offer weekly 10-minute video mini-lectures on training, hydration, and nutrition topics. You will have access to the entire archive of mini lectures on Facebook.
  • Can I Test the Training?
    Yes! If you’d like to try out the training before making a commitment, feel free to join a free kickoff run or email to schedule a trial meetup. 
  • Can My Business Participate in Training?
    Yes! We offer corporate wellness training options so that your employees can reach their race day goals together. Contact with questions!

The San Francisco Marathon has teamed with RUN4PRs Coaching to help you have the best race ever! RUN4PRs has been helping runners since 2013. They have created personalized training to help runners reach their true potential. Through their supportive online community and knowledgeable team of coaches, they strive to help you take your running to a new level.

  • Individualized training plans
  • Specific mileage, paces, effort levels, etc.
  • Increased accountability using TrainingPeaks
  • And more!

Bundle with registration for a 20% discount on the bundle and one free week! Training Period is one month from time of intake by RUN4PRs.

Already registered? No problem head over to the RUN4PRs website and get signed up!