The San Francisco Marathon Mile 5: Course Landmarks

The San Francisco Marathon Mile 5 STATS

Neighborhood: Park Presidio

Elevation Change: Starts at 16’ and ends at 7’ (no significant peaks or valleys)

Stations (water/food/toilet): Water at approx. 4.8mile mark

Best Spot for Family/Support: Any place along Chrissy Field

Welcome all SF Marathon runners and spectators to The Presidio! This area is breath-taking, with over 10 miles of the most beautiful parks and country side that San Francisco has to offer!

San Francisco Marathon Mile 5 - Course 2022 Landmark - Heart of the Presidio Projects | Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy

This mile is all about the magnificent Crissy Field. Yet another historic airfield, it hosted Barn Storming Daredevils, which were those pilots and their acrobatic dance partners who displayed wing-walking and other crazy feats on small planes around barn areas, during the Panama-Pacific International Exposition, held in 1915 as the San Francisco Worlds Fair . Many of the original hangars are still there today and completely worth a visit!

As you will see now in those hangars you’ll find climbing walls at Movement Climbing, Yoga and Fitness, a House of Air Trampoline Park, Roaring Mouse Cycles and Fort Point Brewery’s production facility. This is the result of a massive architectural feat to rebuild the city and provide the community with access to more family-friendly and tourist programs and events, run by the San Francisco Parks Conservatory, a sponsor of the San Francisco Marathon!


San Francisco Marathon Mile 5 - Course 2022 Landmark - The U.S. Army’s former airplane hangars on Crissy Field posed a complex rehabilitation challenge for the Presidio Trust. Fortunately, the House of Air, a trampoline gymnasium, offered a new use that capitalized on this hangar’s large, open interior, steel trusses and slightly gritty character. New components were skillfully placed within the cavernous structure, with the architect riffing on its aviation history to produce a bright, playful interior where people can literally take flight. Photo by: Ethan Kaplan.Original builder: U.S. Army (1921) Contemporary architect: Mark Horton Architects (2011) Photo 6 of 7 in 7 Architectural Preservation Projects in San Francisco

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