The San Francisco Marathon Mile 4: Course Landmarks

The San Francisco Marathon Mile 4 STATS

Neighborhood: Marina Green to Presidio

Elevation Change: Starts at 24’ and ends at 16’ (no significant peaks of valleys)

Stations (water/food/toilet): Water at approximately the 4.8mile mark

Best Spot for Family/Support: Any place along the Marina Green is beautiful

Mile 4 has a ton to offer the eyes and ears for both the runner and SF Marathon visitor! The run trapes through the gorgeous Marina Green, a 74-acre expanse of grass between Fort Mason and the Presidio. This was originally an airfield, rich in history, and now is a wonderful spot to fly a kite, gain stunning views of the bridge, the bay, the marina and the Marin coastline.

San Francisco Marathon Mile 4 - Course 2022 Landmark - Marina Green - West (Little Marina) | San Francisco Recreation and Parks, CA

Across from the Marina Green, just past the Yacht Harbor is The Wave Organ. The wave organ, installed in 1986 is an installation which includes 25 organ pipes made of PVC and concrete located at various elevations within the site, allowing for the rise and fall of the tides. Sound is created by the impact of waves against the pipe ends and the subsequent movement of the water in and out of the pipes. It is a subtle sound that requires visitors to stop and listen, before or after the race!

To the right of this mile is the San Francisco Yacht Club, host of the 34th America’s Cup. Mile 4 ends just when you get to the Presidio. Look to the left to view The Palace of Fine Arts. The Palace of Fine Arts originally constructed in 1915 for the Panama-Pacific Exhibition and is the only structure from that event that survives.


San Francisco Marathon 4 - Course 2022 Landmark - Palace of Fine Arts


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