Looking Back: Reflections on Progress

Contributed by Stephanie Davies, a 2017 Ambassador for The San Francisco Marathon. We hear it all the time, especially from well-meaning coaches and ones who want us to succeed. The words that they share are designed to push us forward, to focus us, to keep us from losing precious seconds. A child of a cross-country coach and former track ... More

Personal Record then Plantar Fasciitis: Focusing on Form in 2017

Contributed by Scott Benbow, an Ambassador for The San Francisco Marathon From PR (Personal Record) to PF (Plantar Fasciitis) One year ago, I registered for The San Francisco Marathon and the California International Marathon (CIM), with the intention to run both. I ran The San Francisco Marathon in July, setting a new PR for that ... More

FUELING: The Secret to Conquering the Wall & Enjoying a Marathon

If we do not put gas in our car, it does not move. And that is what happens when we run out of stored glycogen: we hit the wall, and moving becomes an enormous mental battle and physical challenge, just like pushing our car would be. More

Celebrate #GlobalRunningDay

Global RUnning Day is Wednesday, June 1st. Whether you're an aspiring runner, new runner, or a veteran, this is a day of opportunity to celebrate the sport. More

An Ode to the Race Shirt

Race shirts seem to have been given second billing over the ever-popular “bling” you get at the end of a race. Six reasons to embrace the love of your race shirt. More

Running on Greens: Plant-Based Nutrition from a Vegetarian Runner

I eat more in tune with what my body is telling me, and less on looking at the scale or counting calories. And I'm supplying my body with the best fuel to stay strong, healthy and injury free. More

You never forget how to ride a bicycle, but a unicycle is another matter: Balance & Proprioception

Together, balance and proprioception are vital to a runner’s forward movement and the prevention of injury. More

Respect the Distance

Contributed by Stephanie Laska, a 2016 Ambassador for The San Francisco Marathon Last month I ran my first of four marathons scheduled for 2016. I had three goals going in: Place in my division (Check! Second place Athena) Improve my time and PR (Check! By 6 smokin’ minutes) Finish strong (Definitely NOT­­ Ended up in the ... More

How I fit it all in – Six simple tips for runners on a busy schedule

Jason Hakes is a 2016 Ambassador for The San Francisco Marathon. He shares his personal thoughts about running on his blog at Restlessrunner.com. It’s a Wednesday morning and I am up with the sun. I am dressed in my running clothes, sipping some coffee and mentally preparing for the day. It will be mere moments before the first activity ... More

A Day in the Life: My Daily Nutrition Guide

Contributed by Kristine Ciardello. Kristine is a 2016 Ambassador for The San Francisco Marathon. You know those shirts that say “Will Run for Brunch” or “Run Now, Feast Later”? Those were made for me. I also may have taken some creative liberties on the actual verbiage of the shirts - but, you get the point. I’ve learned ... More