The San Francisco Marathon Course: Mile 21

Mile 21 starts on Haight Street at Divisadero Street, wrapping up a long and steady descent and heading southeast through The Wiggle and toward the Mission District. More

The San Francisco Marathon Course: Mile 20

Cheering crowds usher runners out of the serenity of Golden Gate Park and onto historic Haight Street, the birthplace of hippie subculture. Now dotted with high-end boutiques, chic restaurants and hip cafés, the Haight, or Haight-Ashbury, neighborhood was the origin of America's counterculture, and the center of the Summer of Love in 1967. More

5 Reasons to Run the 5K

With views of the Bay Bridge, the iconic Ferry Building, Coit Tower, and more, it's no wonder why this race in particular has exploded in popularity among experienced athletes and new runners alike. More

The San Francisco Marathon Course: Mile 19

Mile 19 takes runners through the final stretch of Golden Gate Park along wide, open John F. Kennedy Drive. This section is relatively flat, and begins just past the de Young Museum. It then passes another favorite cultural institution, the California Academy of Sciences. Runners looking down Hagiwara Tea Garden Drive to their right will ... More

The San Francisco Marathon Course: Mile 18

Mile 18 continues on the paved path around Stow Lake, past some of the lake’s most scenic spots: a Chinese pavilion and a cascading waterfall. More

Dean Karnazes’ Three Tips for Running a Successful San Francisco Marathon

Looking to improve your training efforts for The San Francisco Marathon? You can take Fitbit Ambassador Dean Karnazes' advice below regarding individual differences and incorporate it into various aspects of your marathon training. For example, do you prefer training in the morning or late afternoon? Does your training time improve if you ... More

Power Crunch & The San Francisco Marathon

Whether taken before a work out, as a meal replacement, for recovery, or simply for a healthy snack option, Power Crunch offers the most scientifically advanced High-DH Hydrolyzed Whey Protein for optimal protein digestion. More

The San Francisco Marathon Course: Mile 17

Ever wondered what running The San Francisco Marathon course is like? We asked local writer and runner, Erin Mara, to take us through the experience of running The San Francisco Marathon from a mile-by-mile perspective. What better way to join in the experience of the course than being able to get a sneak peek? Mile 17 begins just as ... More

The San Francisco Marathon Course: Mile 16

Runners pass through peaceful eucalyptus trees on an approach toward the course favorite, Stow Lake. More

FUELING: The Secret to Conquering the Wall & Enjoying a Marathon

If we do not put gas in our car, it does not move. And that is what happens when we run out of stored glycogen: we hit the wall, and moving becomes an enormous mental battle and physical challenge, just like pushing our car would be. More