Tapering Runner Ahead

I can’t sleep, I worry about every little twinge in my body and I’m too distracted to even pack. In a word, I’m tapering. Ah, the taper – you either love it or hate it. It drives me a little nuts since I feel like I have all this extra time, but I fill most of that with fretting about whether my goal pace is appropriate or backpedal... More

Running Yoga

Running Yoga Ryan DeMatteo, Yoga Instructor I would not call myself a runner, though like many I have participated in the act before.  Running is of a universal language for many species living on our planet.  The banana slug may not speak it, but it may be that running (like everything) is relative.  Maybe that slug is running? Maybe ... More

Running for Weight Loss

Running for Weight Loss Warning: Patience Required. Daniel Howell, Dietitian www.triplethreatwellness.com Thinking about becoming a pavement pusher to become fit and lose weight? Yes, when it comes to weight loss, running encompasses all that is right in this world. The word is out...because the sport of running has exploded. According ... More

The SF Marathon isn’t built in a week, but it can be cleaned up that fast!

People are always asking me if I work for the marathon full time. “Does it really take a year to plan The San Francisco Marathon?” Usually, I say “No, it takes 51 weeks to plan the Marathon and 1 week to clean it up!”