#RunningHome Updated: There Has Been a Route Change for Mike Wardian’s Journey Across the US!

A run across the whole of the United States is a difficult affair to plan to say the least and it’s to be expected that some plans may have to change. That is the case for the June 5 through June 11 portion of Mike’s planned route. Those who are planning to join and support Mike during this time should consult the updated route. The ... More

“Life Is Precious:” San Francisco Marathon Ambassador Jonathan Sockolosky and his Running for Moms

“What a loaded question! Who is Jonathan Sockolosky…?” That was Jonathan trying to find an answer to Who is Jonathan Sockolosky? It might have been an unfair thing to ask. After all, there are many ways to define oneself. Defined by his work, Jonathan is a scientist at Genentech, working in antibody engineering and large molecule ... More

Battle Buddy Series – A Prayer for the NOT So Good Sport

By Darian McIntosh That’s where excellent sportsmanship comes in. Last time, I discussed the wonderful displays of sportsmanship I was seeing during the many different Olympic events. It was motivating to see so many athletes that were truly happy for their opponent on such a large scale. There were a multitude of inspirational tales ... More

Olympic Dreams

By Ben Connelly As I type this, the 2020 (2021) Tokyo Olympics are underway, with the United States leading the overall medal count and in third place for gold medal count. The Olympic Marathon, is about a week away (Friday, August 6th for women and Saturday, August 7th for men).  Whether or not you are watching any of this year’s ... More

Battle Buddy Series – A Prayer for the Future Olympian?

By Darian McIntosh I am not a sports fan. My husband is. When we sit down to watch TV together, I am afraid I have selfishly influenced the channels we settle on and do more than my fair share of remote-controlling. Much to my husband’s chagrin, the channel surfing never lands on ESPN or TSN (the Canadian equivalent) when we tune in as a ... More

Battle Buddy Series – A Prayer for the Courageous

by Darian McIntosh Broken. This is the theme I have encountered many times this past week. When I am contemplating what my next entry in my blog series will be, I often take cues from what is going on in my own life. This week, I visited a church and heard multiple stories from its members sharing their personal brokenness. Many stories ... More

Battle Buddy Series – A Prayer for the Weary, Part 1

A Prayer for the Weary, Part 1 by Darian McIntosh   Let’s talk about the word indomitable for a minute. When I think of you, the runner, it is always the first word that comes to mind. A quick Google search says it means impossible to subdue or defeat. If you are training for a race and this pandemic hasn’t put an end to your ... More

Battle Buddy Series – A Prayer for the Lonely

A Prayer for the Lonely by Darian McIntosh Dear runners, as we continue on this journey together, I have not been so misguided as to forget that we are in a pandemic. Here I am spouting on about the benefits of having a battle buddy by your side while protocol dictates we keep 6 feet away from each other at all times. Easier said than ... More

Battle Buddy Series: A Prayer for the Complacent

A Prayer for the Complacent by Darian McIntosh   Welcome to part 2 in the continuing saga of my journey, starting with my personal experiences in the world of marathon running. I will be exploring in part what it takes to physically prepare for such a draining endeavor, which can be expected from a blog about marathons. More in ... More

Battle Buddy Series: A Prayer for the Unpracticed

Battle Buddy Series: A Prayer for the Unpracticed by Darian McIntosh Recently,  I had a conversation with the son of a very good friend of mine. This dedicated young man decided at an early age to follow in his brothers’ footsteps and join the Army to serve the country that he loves. In preparation for his departure for boot camp next ... More