Running Safe

Running is something I love to do. I love running with friends but I also love those solo runs where I can escape into my thoughts, get lost in music, or catch up on a podcast or two. However, sometimes all these distractions while running can be a bad thing and not just because it draws your attention from running. No, sometimes it’s bad ... More

A Holiday From Racing

For me, January is always a strange month. It’s usually the one month in the year that I have no races planned. I always have a race the first weekend of February (Superbowl 10k in Santa Cruz!), but January is a big empty space. What is a girl addicted to running to do? January means a month of training and recovery. Leading up to ... More

Beginning Anew, Again

As we draw closer to the end of January, many of those who stepped away from their New Year's Resolutions. Time to hop back onto the horse! If you missed a couple days or couple weeks, it is never too late to start a fitness and wellness program.  The choice is yours, do you feel you are worth it?  Do you feel your family is work ... More

Are you a Social Runner?

Until a little over a year ago, running was a rather solitary sport for me. Aside from long runs with my husband, I ran alone. It was my time to feel free, sort out thoughts, and generally de-stress. Although these things are still an important part of running for me, I’ve found renewed excitement in running by joining friends and groups on ... More

Tips for Keeping Fit & Fab During the Holidays

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Eric’s Running Playlist

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What’s Hot in Hydration

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Missed A Run? Don’t Sweat It.

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Slow Glory Is Still Glorious

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Conquering the Fear of Hills

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