Battle Buddy Series – A Prayer for the Easily Distracted

By Darian McIntosh I don’t know about you, but I think that collectively speaking, we hold ourselves accountable to someone or something of a higher power. For me, it is someone: God. I am not trying to get into a religious debate but I am merely here to make a point. And the point is, that to me, God has a sense of humor.  Case in ... More

Carbohydrates for Marathoners

by Ben Connelly Even many non-runners have heard about the importance of eating carbohydrates during marathon training. But with many conflicting theories of nutrition, even seasoned veterans can feel confused. I hope to clear up some misconceptions today.  Glycogen and Tapering: Marathon runners are commonly advised to increase ... More

 The Long Run Part 2: M pace workouts

by Ben Connelly In a previous post, I mentioned that I planned to devote a post to a specific type of long run: the M pace long run. M pace runs figure heavily in marathon training plans based on Jack Daniels’s Running Formula(1). M pace simply means marathon race pace.  While runs at marathon race pace can benefit any runner, even ... More

Battle Buddy Series – A Prayer for the Courageous

by Darian McIntosh Broken. This is the theme I have encountered many times this past week. When I am contemplating what my next entry in my blog series will be, I often take cues from what is going on in my own life. This week, I visited a church and heard multiple stories from its members sharing their personal brokenness. Many stories ... More

Tempo Workouts: A Marathon Training Staple

By Ben Connelly Tempo training (meaning workouts run at lactate threshold) is one of the most valuable variables you can include in your marathon preparations. Many beginners underestimate the importance of tempo workouts, which will improve their lactate threshold. Lactate threshold is the pace at which lactate begins to build up in ... More

Micronutrient Misconceptions: Sodium and Iron

By Ben Connelly When it comes to micronutrients, the operative question is, “how much?” Too much of a good thing can become a bad thing. While vitamins and minerals are vital to health, some can be harmful in high enough quantities. (Other will not harm you but will not provide any extra benefit.) For marathoners, who need higher ... More

Battle Buddy Series – A Prayer for Those Stuck at a Crossroads

by Darian McIntosh   A few months ago, my husband and I decided to invest in a couple of kayaks. With the summer months coming, we knew it would be an excellent way to spend family time together and give our young daughter a way in which she can appreciate nature in all its glory.    The few times we have been out with ... More

The Long Run

by Ben Connelly The long run holds a special place in marathon lore. Runners who run no other workouts in their entire training (which I do not recommend), will run long runs.  This workout serves a variety of purposes:  It prepares the legs and feet to handle long hours of continuous running It allows runners to practice ... More

Battle Buddy Series – A Day in the Life of the Seriously Unmotivated

A Day in the Life of the Seriously Unmotivated   by Darian McIntosh   10:00 AM -  Got my Covid shot and stopped at the park with my daughter where I am currently relaxing underneath the shade of a weeping willow. I am feeling motivated to get started on my journey.   3:30 PM -  Now we are home and it is ... More

Marathon Diet: Avoiding Nutrient Deficiencies

Marathon Diet: Avoiding Nutrient Deficiencies Ben Connelly Most runners know nutrition matters. But oftentimes, runners focus on macronutrients (carbs, protein, and fat), while neglecting micronutrients. It turns out, micronutrients are far more important. As long as your diet is reasonably balanced between carbohydrates, protein, and ... More