A 26.2 to Life poster

26.2 to Life: A “Riveting and Humane” Documentary about the San Quentin Prison Marathon

We know that running and running communities have the power to change lives. Therefore, we’re honored to spotlight the new award-winning documentary, 26.2 TO LIFE. It explores the transformative power of San Quentin’s 1000 Mile Club, a running club inside the prison, in which volunteer marathon runners train with incarcerated runners and ... More

Lentils and legumes in woodes bowls

Yay for Lentils! How Lentils Fuel Your Body and the World

When fires and hurricanes rage across the country and temperatures soar, climate change is on many people's minds. Animal agriculture is a significant source of greenhouse gasses that contribute to the warming of our planet1. That's why reducing the amount of meat we eat is an actionable step that almost everyone can take to help reduce their ... More

A woman climbs a mountain—how to implement other activities into marathon training

But I like to do all the Things! How to Implement Other Activities into Marathon Training to Keep your Running Game and Continue to do all the Things that you Love

Are you training for a marathon? A 5K? An ultramarathon? Good for you! You're on a long and rewarding journey. Like many runners, you're probably following a training plan to reach your goals, whether you're going for a personal best or completing your first race ever. However, many runners may also find training plans slightly constricting; ... More

Race Day Logistics can be a tough nut to crack. Get yourself to the start line stress-free!

Race Day Logistics FAQ with Coach K: Get Ready to Roll!

Race Day mornings can be a stressful affair. What do you need to pack the night before? How are you going to get to the start line? Will you eat your favorite Nutella-banana sandwich or stick with something else? And unless you're one of our ultramarathoners, you'll have to decide when to get up, too! Getting ready for race day can feel ... More

Matt Cavanaugh runs next to a water hole during the Atacama Crossing. Photo Credit: Thiago Diz/Racing the Planet

1K12M: How Kidney Donors Matt Cavanaugh & Hilary Baude Save Lives and Keep on Running

Donate a kidney, win one of the most grueling ultramarathons out there? No problem. And for active duty US Army Strategist, runner, and living kidney donor Matt Cavanaugh, it was just a warm-up. This year, together with teacher, athlete, and another living kidney donor Hilary Baude, they're taking on 12 marathons to show runners that "they ... More

Martinus Evans holds his new book Slow AF Run Club

Martinus Evans & The Slow AF Run Club: Just Start Moving, the Rest Will Take Care of Itself

When his doctor told him to "lose weight or die," he bought his first pair of running shoes and headed straight to a gym. He immediately fell off the treadmill. Still, he became a runner on the same day. Meet Martinus Evans, the founder of the Slow AF Run club, a runner, a published author, and a "real complex man." Written & edited by ... More

A plate of grilled vegetables is a great way to add more veggies (and, therefore, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants) to your diet

How to Add More Vegetables to Your Diet

Veggies are an important source of vitamins, minerals, and other antioxidant nutrients for all humans. As we've learned in school as well as in life, these nutrients are essential to ensure that our bodies and minds stay happy and healthy. This rings especially true for endurance athletes. The above-mentioned compounds are key to training ... More

A runner is completing the long run with mountains in the background. But "what if I can't do my long run?"

I Can’t do my Long Run. What Now? Coach K to the Rescue!

Welcome to the third installment of our three-part series about the long run by Coach Karen. We discussed the "why" and talked about the "when, where, and wear." Now it's time to look at the times when things don't work out as planned: "What should I do when I can't do my long run?" Written by Coach Karen Peterson Edited by Pavlína ... More

Urban running: a woman in athletic clothes sprints in an urban environment.

Urban Running: Three Things You Should Consider Before You Head Out on the Road

When someone talks about running, we often picture an oval track or a trail through the woods. But for millions of people, running paths are made of asphalt and concrete. Today, we'll discuss all the considerations you should make before you venture into the world of urban running. Written by Lucas Collins Edited by Pavlína Marek Running ... More

An older woman and man run in a park. Choosing the right nutrition for older runners can help them stay active.

Nutrition for Older Runners with Dietitian Becca Blumberg

Most of us view “runner” as an essential part of our identity. It’s not just something we do. We live, breathe, eat, and sleep for our sport. From giving up Friday happy hour so that we can nail our Saturday long run to early pre-work speed sessions, we make sacrifices for our sport. Often, our social lives revolve around it as well�... More