Bridget Batson’s Weekly Running Recipe- Week 2

Olive Oil Poached Tuna with White Beans, Spring Garlic and Whole Wheat Spaghetti This time of year is really fun! We have tiny hints of spring popping up. Spring garlic, spring onions and rumors of peas and asparagus. You will need: 8 to 10 oz of ahi tuna, cut into 1-inch cubes 2 cups olive oil salt & pepper For the pasta: 8oz white ... More

Shoe Contest!

In honor of our beloved Shoe Logo, we challenged runners to show us their shoes and tell us a little bit about them for a chance to win a free race registration! As some of you may have experienced, some people have long-term relationships while others are shoe-hoppers who can't commit. Some experiment with shoes- it's all about trial and error, and some are more dedicated to their shoe brand and model than they are their spouse. More

Bridget Batson’s Weekly Running Recipe- Week 1

Spice Rubbed Grilled Chicken Breast with Blood Oranges, Tangerines, Escarole & Almonds It's citrus season! There are so many options for citrus right now. Meyer lemons, kumquats, bergamot……….  so feel free to experiment. You will need: A hot grill ! For the rub: 2 T of your favorite extra virgin olive oil 2 tsp ginger, ... More

Decisions, decisions…

As promised, I'm writing down and planning my 2011 Race Calendar. Yesterday I told you all the factors that I consider when planning the year that inevitably has led me to my choices. However, I also told you about my issues with sticking to the plan, impulse registering, and all of that. SO, here is my TENTATIVE calendar: More

Planning my 2011 Racing Calendar

Yesterday I wrote my NYC Marathon Race Report. After crossing the finish line, I realized that for the first time in a LONG time, I don't know what's next. Since I started working at The SF Marathon, I learned very quickly the importance of planning your racing schedule in advance because some races sell out, some have lottery systems, some increase prices over time, and it's best to give yourself plenty of time to map out training routines. So, today I've taken some time to sit down and think about my goals for next year. I started really basic, with what I know. More

Race Report: NYC Marathon!

Yesterday I wrote all about my NYC trip BEFORE the race. We had been on our feet so much all weekend that I'd actually gotten a little sore and achy- NOT a good sign just before a race... We woke up at 5AM, threw on our clothes (layers and layers of them), grabbed our bags and hopped on the Race Director busing. The bus ride took about 45 minutes, as the sun came out and we made our way across the Verrazano bridge. When we arrived we hopped off of the bus and walked through the masses of people in sleeping bags, on tarps, camping out in the villages. More

NYC Marathon Weekend!

This last weekend, I headed out to the East Coast for a slew of reasons- to run The ING New York City Marathon, to attend The SF Marathon and Crowdrise Partnership Launch Party, to spend some time with friends and family, and to run with NYC Ambassador Sean Flynn! With some stroke of fate I'd been able to get into the NYC Marathon and invited my sister along to cheer and sight-see for the weekend. More

City of Roses-Part 2! Portland Race Report

I ended my last post with a recap of the weekend leading up to the Portland Marathon. As you can imagine, Pam and I were exhausted after all of the time we spent at the Race Director's College and Portland Marathon Expo. But when we woke up bleary eyed Sunday morning, we decided there was no turning back. I did my typical Race morning rituals and threw on my Big Sur Marathon Poncho- it was POURING out, and thankfully Wally (Race Director of the Big Sur Marathon) had given Libby and I ponchos to run in. Lifesaver. More

Visiting the City of Roses- Part 1

Last weekend Pam and I flew up to Portland for a handful of festivities surrounding the Portland Marathon.  Pam attended the annual Race Director's College, I worked at the Expo, and we both ran on Sunday morning!  It was a busy- but amazing- trip.  I grew up in Seattle, my sister went to college just outside of Portland, my parents now ... More

Bouncing back from injury

Running is hard. Training is hard work, logging countless miles, testing speed, stamina, endurance. But for me the only thing that's harder is NOT running. For the past 3 weeks I’ve been on the injury list. It’s one I’ve been on before, and I hate to say this time probably won’t be my last. My “injury of choice”? IT Band Syndrome. It flares up every so often and the only thing I’ve found will help me heal is to stop training and just patiently wait for the pain to stop. More