Make the San Francisco Marathon Your 2020 Runcation

December 6, 2019 | Are you looking for an amazing runcation in 2020? The San Francisco Marathon may just be what you’re looking for! The sights, the views, the experience. If San Francisco is on your bucket list, make the 2020 SFM your runcation of the summer. The San Francisco Marathon is the only full marathon experience you can ... More

Running in San Francisco Is The Coolest Thing Ever

December 3, 2020 | “There’s something about running in San Francisco,” said Ron Poggi, San Francisco Marathon Race Ambassador. “It’s the coolest thing ever.” “It’s one of the most scenic marathons I’ve ever done,” said Charles Lim, another Race Ambassador, about the San Francisco Marathon. “It’s a beautiful ... More

San Francisco: The Heart, The Energy, The Love

November 27, 2019 | “I love San Francisco -- the experience of the whole weekend -- from the minute I set foot at the Expo. You see the same people from previous years, your friends and your community. Everyone says hi because they remember you from last year,” reminisces Vanessa Wallace, San Francisco Marathon Race Ambassador. You ... More

Why You Should Run The San Francisco Marathon: 2019 Race Recap

Why You Should Run The SF Marathon: 2019 Race Recap

Written by Dr. Lisa Gonzales is a 2019 Biofreeze San Francisco Marathon Ambassador and 7-time pacer for the Biofreeze San Francisco Marathon. She is also a USATF certified head coach for South Bay RUN365 club.   This year’s Biofreeze San Francisco Marathon is in the record book! From new attractions at the Health and Wellness ... More

Running with a Team

Dr. Lisa Gonzales is a 2019 Biofreeze San Francisco Marathon Ambassador, and a 7-time pacer for the Biofreeze San Francisco Marathon and 5-time pacer for the Biofreeze Berkeley Half Marathon. She is a head coach for South Bay RUN365 club and is USATF certified. As rewarding as it is, running can often be a very insular sport where it’s ... More

Holiday Gift Guide

The Biofreeze SF Marathon Holiday Gift Guide

With the holidays within reach, we understand that it can be a bit of a nerve-racking time trying to find the perfect gifts for the runners in your life. Admittedly, we as runners can be a bit of a fickle bunch with the gear we use or the things we need (...or want). Luckily, we’ve enlisted our experts over here to help you narrow down ... More

#TrainingTipThursday – 4 Training Mistakes to Avoid It’s focus time! When we’re in the thick of our half marathon/marathon training, it’s easy to focus on the aspect of simply logging in the miles throughout the week. Right now is a great opportunity to take stock of the things we’re doing correct but to also fine-tune the areas of ... More

2018 Biofreeze San Francisco Marathon: By the Numbers

This 2018 Biofreeze San Francisco Marathon recap gives you some saucy statistics to sum up this year's race. We had a blast, and we hope you did too. Is it July 28, 2019 yet? We'll see you there! Mark your calendars for next year's marathon! Register now before the price increases, and book your ticket to run the streets of the best ... More

Race Recap: Victory at the 2018 San Francisco Double Marathon

You may recall technology entrepreneur and trail runner, Scott Dunlap's review of the 2017 BSFM Ultramarathon (see "The Biofreeze San Francisco Marathon 52.4 Mile Ultra - Two Sides Of A Great City": Part I and Part II). Scott tackled the ultra again this year, and WON! Check out his entertaining race recap below! --- Last Saturday, I had ... More


Race day is over, and we're reliving the moment by digging through race photos and posts, getting excited for next year! Check out this fantastic recap of the 1st Half, courtesy of Jennifer and her blog, J Bird Runs. --- I got the opportunity to run this race through Jaybird Sport – I am so grateful to them! They truly make the ... More