Ultra Running for the Everyday Runner

Ultra running…a daunting, challenging, and very rewarding distance. What is an ultra marathon? It’s a distance that exceeds the standard 26.2 mile marathon. It can range from 31+ miles to the century distance of 100 miles. To many people, the distance seems impossible. From 31+ miles to a 100 miles, all at once? Before you dismiss ... More

Finding Your Happy Distance

When I tell people that I like to run, most people usually ask, “what’s your distance?” While this seems like a simple question, it took me a while to find what I call my “happy distance.” For me, this means a distance where I feel like I am pushing and challenging myself, but where I still enjoy the act of running the race. It is a ... More

Staying Motivated

I love running. Most days I'm happy to get out and run. But heck, let's face it. Running can be hard, and some days it sucks. All you think about is your warm bed, your achy legs, the bad weather, etc. The excuses stack up fast and suddenly you have missed your run for the day. I definitely have those days and I wanted to share some of the ... More

Training with Run365

It's July 29, 2012. I am proudly holding up my medal for completing the San Francisco Marathon (picture credit goes to Erin Sheehy, previous director of the San Francisco Marathon Training Program, also known as Run365). The San Francisco Marathon (TSFM) might have been my second full marathon, but it definitely felt like running my first ... More

Frequent Marathoning

After crossing the finish line, most marathon runners are ready for some rest and recovery.  Numerous sources recommend at least one day per mile of recovery time before a runner returns to normal training.  Many coaches suggest that runners compete in only one or two marathons per year. But there are some marathon runners who disagree ... More

5 Reasons to Run the SF Marathon 2nd Half

1. Whether it's the 1st half, 2nd half, or the full, the top reason to run the race is so you can experience (in my humble opinion) the most beautiful city in the world, which just so happened to be named by Runner's World as the #1 running city in the USA! In my seven charmed years of living in the city, I fell in love with all the natural ... More

My Marathon Journey

As I am writing this blog, I have one man in mind: none other than Steve Jobs. Few people in the world haven’t heard of him, and most young adults in this world all own a piece of his Apple legacy. But why I want to write about him? He is a very interesting figure to me. A native San Franciscan, an adopted child, his creation would not ... More

A First Time For Everything

Ever since I was a kid I thought it would be fun to run a marathon, but for some reason (mostly FEAR) I never put the effort into achieving my goal. My desire never became an intention - until NOW, exactly 8 years after I originally set a goal to finish one by age 30.  Missed that one, but hey, better late than never, right?   So here I am ... More

Are you planning to fail your race?

"You're not going to win," the wise old runner told me. "Just remember that." I was at my very first marathon, on a dark and cloudless early morning in Hawaii before the race start, when I asked a nearby experienced runner if he might have some advice for me. "Stick to your plan," he added. "Race as you trained and don't go out too ... More

Gradually Adding Distance: 10 Tips for Runners

1. Start out slow.  Don't feel like the first time out to run you have to run like you did as a kid, as fast as possible.   Remember, you are running for an extended amount of time, not just running to the kitchen! 2. Find a pace that is comfortable to maintain and you can still breath!  If necessary, slow it down.  You should be able ... More