A First Time For Everything

Ever since I was a kid I thought it would be fun to run a marathon, but for some reason (mostly FEAR) I never put the effort into achieving my goal. My desire never became an intention - until NOW, exactly 8 years after I originally set a goal to finish one by age 30.  Missed that one, but hey, better late than never, right?   So here I am ... More

Are you planning to fail your race?

"You're not going to win," the wise old runner told me. "Just remember that." I was at my very first marathon, on a dark and cloudless early morning in Hawaii before the race start, when I asked a nearby experienced runner if he might have some advice for me. "Stick to your plan," he added. "Race as you trained and don't go out too ... More

Gradually Adding Distance: 10 Tips for Runners

1. Start out slow.  Don't feel like the first time out to run you have to run like you did as a kid, as fast as possible.   Remember, you are running for an extended amount of time, not just running to the kitchen! 2. Find a pace that is comfortable to maintain and you can still breath!  If necessary, slow it down.  You should be able ... More

The Benefits of High Volume Running

Back in 2012, I felt I was ready to tackle the California International Marathon... and then the storm came in, with wind gusts hitting upwards of 50 mph and rain ankle deep on certain parts of the course. Not the ideal conditions for running my best marathon, however I could have written it off to bad weather and accepted that.  During my ... More

Excuse me, sir, your nipples are bleeding.

Guest Blogger Charlie Johnston: Excuse me, sir, your nipples are bleeding. More