The San Francisco Marathon Course: Mile 15

A peaceful push through dense forests, Mile 15 continues along quiet MLK Jr. Drive, with towering trees on both sides of the route. More

The San Francisco Marathon Course: Mile 14

Mile 14 continues through Golden Gate Park, surrounded by a handful of grassy meadows and lakes nestled within the park. More

Running for Charity at The San Francisco Marathon

Run for good by fundraising for charity with The San Francisco Marathon in 2016. More

Celebrate #GlobalRunningDay

Global RUnning Day is Wednesday, June 1st. Whether you're an aspiring runner, new runner, or a veteran, this is a day of opportunity to celebrate the sport. More

Yes, We Can Cross Any Finish Line!

The inspiring story of a mother-daughter duo comprised who compete in endurance races across California to raise awareness for the inclusion of physically challenged and assisted athletes. More

Understanding Quality vs. Quantity and the Benefits of Cross Training

A combination of Long Slow Distance (LSD) and speed work are essential in providing balance and success to a comprehensive running workout. More

The San Francisco Marathon Course: Mile 13

Runners enter Golden Gate Park, an urban oasis with more than 75,000 trees. This quiet stretch offers a calm respite from the other dense and urban miles of The San Francisco Marathon. More

The San Francisco Marathon Course: Mile 12

Mile 12 leaves Lincoln Boulevard for a stretch through the picturesque Sea Cliff neighborhood and the nearby Richmond District. More

An Ode to the Race Shirt

Race shirts seem to have been given second billing over the ever-popular “bling” you get at the end of a race. Six reasons to embrace the love of your race shirt. More

The San Francisco Marathon Course: Mile 11

A favorite mile of the course because it boasts a continuous decline and hugs the stunning shoreline. More