How I fit it all in – Six simple tips for runners on a busy schedule

Jason Hakes is a 2016 Ambassador for The San Francisco Marathon. He shares his personal thoughts about running on his blog at It’s a Wednesday morning and I am up with the sun. I am dressed in my running clothes, sipping some coffee and mentally preparing for the day. It will be mere moments before the first activity ... More

The San Francisco Marathon Course: Mile 2

Mile 2 of the course is usually one of the busiest stretches in the city, so for runners to have it all to themselves on race day is a truly special experience. The second mile sets off on the final span of the Embarcadero and continues through Fisherman’s Wharf, which sees more than 10 million visitors every year. The area is always ... More

The San Francisco Marathon Course: Mile 1

Ever wondered what running the The San Francisco Marathon course is like? We asked local writer and runner, Erin Mara, to take us through the experience of running the The San Francisco Marathon from a mile-by-mile perspective. What better way to join in the experience of the course than being able to get a sneak peek? The course ... More

Aspire to a constant state of movement: Life is training and training is life

“Aspire to always be moving – in a constant state of movement – and not compartmentalizing training and life. Life is training and training is life,” says Fitbit Ambassador Dean Karnazes. But how can the typical 9 – 5’er incorporate this philosophy into his or her life when there are emails to send, meetings to attend and ... More

A Day in the Life: My Daily Nutrition Guide

Contributed by Kristine Ciardello. Kristine is a 2016 Ambassador for The San Francisco Marathon. You know those shirts that say “Will Run for Brunch” or “Run Now, Feast Later”? Those were made for me. I also may have taken some creative liberties on the actual verbiage of the shirts - but, you get the point. I’ve learned ... More

Fitbit Surge

How the Fitbit Surge helps me be more consistent in my training

As a member of the Ambassador team for The San Francisco Marathon who has been running for four decades, I hit a snag two years ago with a series of foot and leg injuries that have sidelined me and prevented me from training. To address these injuries, I have had appointments with orthopedic physicians, physical therapists, and ... More

Train Together: The Benefits of a Running Group

Contributed by Stephanie Davies, a 2016 Ambassador for The San Francisco Marathon. Stephanie Davies created a local women's running group, We RUN the Bay. About We RUN the Bay: We are approximately 140 members strong ranging from members in Colorado to Los Angeles.  Based on the Peninsula, we make our presence known at various races ... More

Train Together, Race Together, Finish Together

The Loneliness of the Distance Runner (Is a Myth)

Contributed by Erin Garvey, 2016 Ambassador for The San Francisco Marathon. People often ascribe some element of martyrdom to running. It doesn't really seem to matter if you're going for a little jaunt around your 'hood one morning before work or putting in hours upon hours (and miles upon miles) during training for a half, full, or ... More

Love of the Running Buddy

The Love of the Running Buddy

Contributed by Kristine Ciardello and Cassie Pisone Tis’ the season for love. All kinds of love. Love of your life. Friend love. Puppy love. And the love of running. It’s real, y’all. And even more real? The love of the running buddy. I mean who else do you get to talk about your pre, mid and post run fueling with? Who ... More

Anthony Bucci, San Francisco Marathon Ambassador

My Love of Running

Contributed by Anthony Bucci Anthony Bucci is a 2016 Ambassador for The San Francisco Marathon. He blogs at and plans to run three 50Ks this year, as well as The San Francisco Full Marathon on July 31st. Running is one of my passions. It's one of the things I love to do most in this world. I literally feel like I ... More