Laughing While Running

Well Hello There!  This is Carmel, SF native and Boulder, CO transplant and 2014 marks my first year as an SF Marathon Ambassador.  I am so excited to have been chosen for this group and have really enjoyed reading the blog posts written so far. This is my first post and I wanted to talk about a movement that is quickly spreading to all sporting events with spectators that I’ve really fallen in love with: HILARIOUS SPECTATOR SIGNS.... More

Try Your Best!

With the Brazilian World Cup coming this Summer, I am going to bring up an old soccer icon: Pele. He was considered by many as the greatest soccer player of all time, having won three World Cups and scoring the most goals of any players out there. ... More

My Reason to Run

This is not your typical TSFM blog post. I’d like to believe that I am your typical TSFM Ambassador because the role of a TSFM Ambassador is to represent every kind of runner, and what I’m about to chronicle is true and honest in both events and the feelings associated with them. It’s a real world kind of blog with all the glamour stripped away and just the honest truth left. I’m afraid that the lack of puppy dogs and butterflies may not sit well with some, but maybe there will be some who read this and it will resonate with them more than happy trees and perfect days with perfect runs.  Sometimes we go through challenging times. And sometimes those challenging times happen to coincide with training for a marathon. Or becoming an Ambassador for the San Francisco Marathon where your chief role is to inspire and encourage others to realize their true potential. To help them see that they are champions. To make them believe that they can, and will, achieve greatness on the streets of San Francisco. That, armed with a reason to run that is wholly unique and just their own, they will overcome whatever obstacles are before them to make it to that starting line on July 27, 2014. With recent events that I will detail a bit later, I’m finding this a bigger challenge than anticipated.... More

Ambassador Profile: Endorphin Dude

If you've ever run a marathon, chances are you've probably seen a dude with spiky hair in a cape fly by. That marathon caped crusader probably high fived you, cracked a 4th grade joke or two, and then ran off to grab a GU at the aid station. That's Endorphin Dude, and that dude is me. I run a lot of marathons. I run a lot of ultras too. And ... More

Running for Something More

There are many compelling reasons to run – fitness, fun, friendship. There are equally compelling reasons to sign up for a race – to compete, to challenge yourself, to keep motivated. Almost every runner’s reason to be in San Francisco this summer is some amalgamation of the above factors. For my first marathon, I wanted to prove to ... More

TSFM Social Running

Running is often considered a solitary sport. Sure, there are great running groups you can join, but inevitably, at one point or another you will be out running alone. You might be an evening runner, an early morning runner or a lunchtime runner. Whatever time you prefer, or can fit into your busy schedule, it can be hard to find someone to ... More

Miles With Mom: My Reason to Run the San Francisco Marathon

It’s rare that I’ll be truly inspired by an athlete. I can appreciate the awesome feat that he or she might have completed, but it’s rare that I will look at him or her and say “wow, you make me want to do this.” Mirinda Carfrae, Mia Hamm, and Natalie Coughlin are three who have, at one point or another in my life, inspired me to ... More

How a Runner is Born

“I didn’t plan on running today, but those cops came out of nowhere!” And just like that, a runner is born.  Everyone’s story is different - some are born to run, some are born out of necessity.  I started my journey out of necessity 16 years ago.  I had embarked on my weight-loss journey in January 1997 by joining my local YMCA ... More

How Running Changed My Life

In 2011, I weighed 260 pounds ... realizing I was only 28 and still young and still had a long life to live, I didn’t want live it being unhealthy.  I wanted to try something new, something that I could challenge myself with. I had a few friends who were runners and told me that running a half marathon should be my goal and that anyone ... More

Lessons From the Mid-Pack

I freely and openly admit it. And I am pretty proud of it. I am a mid-pack girl.   For as hard as I have trained I have never been the one that will be up front in any race. I will be the be the gal that is slow and steady, but gets to the finish line with her head held high. I have have had countless people ask me the question; “Why do I run, if I know I will never compete?” My answer is always almost the same, its not about the competition (though I like getting faster than my last time), but it has been about the things I have learned along the way have been well worth the training, the pain, the blood (yes, I say blood), sweat and tears.... More